About Me

A Homeschooling Mom is a creative and homeschooling blog that was started in 2020, with a focus on DIY, homeschooling, food, gardening, and empowering women to find and create loveliness in their everyday. Since its inception, I have tried to add informative and useful content and will strive hard to fill the blog with loads of info on homeschooling in India. Make sure to follow our journey and connect with other Homeschooling parents from across the world as they share their stories via my blog.

Hi, I’m Lakshmi Archana. I’m love creative stuff, and i am homeschooling my daughter Siri from the past few years. These days, I make different things — I am into gardening, I make Origami Stuff, I make candles, I am learning music and above all, I make connections in my community (online and offline), I make people feel empowered to create loveliness in their everyday. And then I make you read about it all right here.

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A little more about me: I’m a passionate crafter and gardener at heart, and I love exploring beautiful places, eating good food, snapping photos, and spending time with my favorite people. I am crazy about miniatures and my goal is to have my own place where I can grow every possible fruit and vegetable and also have enough space for showcasing the miniature world I am working on. I am a single mom to my wonderful and enthusiastic daughter Siri, and I stay in India with my parents and younger brother.

I spend way too much money on Barbie dolls and miniatures as I am crazy about that stuff.

I cant survive without carbs and sweets & I tear up easily when I watch a good movie.

I love to spend time with my daughter, and watch K-dramas and K-pop. WE both are big time #ARMY.

Love love music, and i can listen to any song in any language if the music is good. My favorites include Illayaraja, Armaan Malik, Keeravani, SP Balasubramanyam, Kishore Kumar, Arjith Singh & BTS.

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