Plant Life Cycle & What Plants Need to Grow- Cut & Paste Activity

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When Siri was young, I used to make use a lot of activity sheets to teach basic concepts to her. Out of all of them, the cut and paste were her most favorite.

So, as a part of my Day 2 of Sharing a Printable a Day Challenge, I am sharing these amazing cut and paste activity sheets. These are fun and the kids can also learn to cut using a child safe scissors. Make sure they do it under adult supervision.

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The first activity sheet is a Plant Life Cycle. Parents or teachers can explain the basic concept and then add the kids to cut and paste. This can also be done along with an experiment where you can ask the child to plant a bean seed first and watch it grow.

The second sheet is about what the plants need to grow. When the child plants a seed, you can explain that a plant needs air, light, soil and water to grow well. The sheet can be used along with that activity.

I hope you like these activity sheets. You can download the file HERE – Plant Life Cycle & What Plants Need to Grow- Cut & Paste Activity

Make sure to tag ahomeschoolingmom on Instagram when you use these worksheets. It really means a lot to me. And, do leave a comment on what all worksheets I can work on next.

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