Early Learning – Words Starting with Alphabet A Flashcards

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Using flashcards is one easy and effective way to teach basics like alphabets, words, and numbers to your little ones. They make the learning experience fun, and positive and enable them to learn using the quickest way possible i.e., flashcards.

The Alphabet flashcards with corresponding words were the most requested, and I finally started working on them. So, you can expect me to add the flashcards for all the alphabets in the coming days. All of these flashcards along come with a few blanks so that you can ask the child to use a marker and draw an image or write the spelling. If you are laminating these, you can just use a marker and wipe and use again.

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There are a total of 20 cards for each alphabet, and all of them are available as a free download. I am also going to add another template with the images so that you can use that for matching the pictures.

When you are using these flashcards, start with the easy and simple ones like apple/axe etc. Just point to the picture and say the word out loud. Make sure to get into the routine of using these everyday as it helps build a learning routine.

Once the child follows the routine, and you use them right, teaching your little ones gets really easy. I hope you like these flashcards, and use them to teach basics to your kids in a fun and effective way.

If you have any ideas for flashcards, please do leave a comment or use the contact form to send me a message.

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