Anatomy – Emperor Penguin

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Who doesn’t love Penguins? Well, these cute birds cannot fly, but look quite adorable when they move around flapping their wings.

The Emperor Penguin Anatomy worksheet can be paired up with any Arctic activity you are doing or it can be the first part of a unit study. The complete unit study of Emperor Penguin will be added tomorrow. So, make sure to bookmark the blog for the same.

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Just print out both the pages and explain the anatomy of the Emperor Penguin to the child first. You can also find various videos on YouTube about the same, that can be paired up with the unit study or this worksheet.

Once the child understands the anatomy, you can ask him/her to do the blank worksheet provided. That way, you as a parent will know how much the child has learned.

I really hope you like this simple worksheet. Do let me know what other worksheets you want me to make via a comment.

If you like this template, please share the link to the blog post and not just the pdf. The Free Printable is only for personal and classroom use.

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