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Where do we humans stay? We stay in houses, apartments, cottages, huts, etc. Have you ever wondered where different animals stay? Well, I always did as a child, and so did Siri when she was young.

I was lucky enough to find an old scrapbook of her when she was in Pre-School and I found these flashcards I made for her. I used to use a brown color scrapbook to teach basic concepts to her when she was homeschooled.

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The Animals and their Homes flashcards are indeed the most requested by my friends, especially on social media. And, though I know I am late, I am glad I m finally able to share this printable with you.

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The Animals included in this set are,

Monkey – Tree

Bird – Nest

Bee – Hive

Dog – Kennel

Cow – Shed

Spider – Web

Ant – Ant Hill

Duck – Pond

Worm – Leaf

Mouse – Hole

Lion – Den

Squirrel – Tree Hollow

Clownfish – Coral Reef

Dolphin – Sea

Fish – Aquarium

Hen – Coop

Pig – Pigsty

Horse – Stable

Seal – Ice Sheet

Rabbit – Burrow

Bat – Cave

Cat – Cattery

Earthworm – Soil

Bear – Den/Cave

Camel – Desert

If you have any more that I might have missed, please do let me know via a comment, and I make flashcards for them as well.

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Also, these flashcards are free to use for your personal or classroom use. I spent a lot of time making these, so please do share the link if you wish to share it with anyone, and not the pdf.

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