Benefits of Homeschooling – A General View

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e evolve around a web of intertwined complexities. As parents of kids, do you want them to grow happy? You want them to have mud-filled hands or have clay smudged all over trying to make dolls! Homeschooling is a great opportunity for you and your kids to have a hands-on experience.

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What do you understand by homeschooling?

It is a system wherein you allow your kid to pursue studies at home. You can appoint web-based tutors to teach your girl or boy with various subjects related to academics. Say English, Maths, Science, etc. Homeschooling also allows your children to pursue extra-curricular activities like singing, dancing, or painting. You need not worry about the fixed number of hours a regular school puts you through. Parents whose jobs are transferable always find trouble in finding the right kind of school to put their kids into without wasting an academic year.

The general benefits of homeschooling

Here, you will understand the overall or general benefits pertaining to homeschooling. The points are bulleted for an easier degree of understanding.

  • It follows a flexible approach to learning. Irrespective of whether your child is hyperactive or quiet or creatively inclined or gifted, it is a one-size-that-fits-all kind of learning after all.
  • As a parent, you take full charge of your children’s academic schedule. You decide on the grade-level, learning approach, and even the curriculum.
  • You can prioritize your child’s emotional needs. Like he/she need not put up with peer-pressure or bullying from fellow classmates. He/she will be allowed to take up learning at his/her own pace.
  • You can instill moral, cultural, and emotional values in your child at the structured hierarchy of the family chain. Grandparents or elders can instill better values in your child. This is much better than the stereotyped tutoring the teacher exposes the child to.
  • A web-based tutor only focuses on your kid. The teacher-student ratio is a straightforward one on one. The tutor this way can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your child. This way, education can be harnessed in a much friendly manner.
  • As there are no fixed learning schedules and mandatory homework, you can allow your kid better freedom. To choose between play, arts, outdoors, projects, and experiments.

Now, let us have a look at it, in a more detailed manner:

Comprehensive benefits of homeschooling

In the previous segment, you had an overall look at some of the fabulous advantages behind homeschooling your children. To discuss these more elaborately

A customized pattern of education

You can customize your child’s education in a way that suits your independent requirements. This is a type of education that fits in kids who are lagging. On the other hand, students who are gifted or advanced can be sent to higher grades. In other words, the advanced graders need not waste an entire year sitting in the same classroom.

This form of education also supports kids who have special needs, especially for kids who experience spasms or neurological disorders while in regular schools or educational institutes. You can customize your child’s learning preferences. This way, you can choose a style that meets your child’s independent requirements.

More choices for parents

Parents are the child’s first teachers. The formative period of a child is spent at home. Hence, parents decide what is good for their children and what isn’t. When a schooling system allows parents to call shots, things can get even better. Parents have the freedom to choose curriculum and utilize teaching aids like none other. Here, you can allow your child to learn subjects at different grades too.

Say, your kid may be a little slow in learning the formulae in Math. While he/she is a level ahead of the age at grasping English, History, and Science. You can choose different grading levels under both categories. This is way better than allowing your kids to be locked up in the same grade.

Similarly, parents can set up expectations for the graduation study of their kids too. You can help your teens prepare for work. You can allow them to choose a form of education that is structured to bring their creative instincts to the limelight. This way, you choose a course that is sensible for your child.

Effective learning

As homeschooling parents, you can witness the learning progress of your child. This can be made more effective when you set defined timetable schedules for your kids to study. With a one-on-one student-teacher ratio, you feel that the time devoted to study is more elaborate. You do not find wasting time on off-curricular activities like making students stand in lines or waiting for others to finish. The productivity of the study can be maximized by this form of study. You can also encourage your child to pursue other passions. A non-stereotyped and informal education is what homeschooling is all about.

No standardized testing

A standardized form of testing like making the child appear for periodical tests, assessments, and examinations can take a toll on them. It can lead to undue stress and anxiety among students or children. Some of them are gifted with speedier learning capabilities. But how students, who are slow learners, cope up with the rat race? You can choose from a plethora of learning options when it comes to homeschooling. You can skip examinations up until your kid completes high school. You just allow your kids to appear for the X and XII Board examinations. Else, you can allow them to attempt multiple-choice questions over essay type ones. You can allow your children to take up online-based exams over writing examinations. Likewise, you can choose varied learning options to make education or knowledge gaining a lesser stressful one.

No peer-pressure

Regular schooling can expose your child to constant peer pressure. Even teachers keep comparing a higher grader over the lower ones. In other words, if your peer gets top grades at assessments or examinations, he/she will be treated far superior. Over kids who score lower marks or grades. This can affect the confidence levels or morale of your children if they happen to lag behind. This is never the case with home-schooling. There is absolutely no peer pressure or unwanted bullying. Your kid takes control of what he/she studies. Your child is graded on independent merits. This form of the study, therefore, instils confidence levels among children in a better manner.

Special circumstances are looked into

If you constantly travel from one place to another, homeschooling is the best option for you indeed. You may be in transferable Govt jobs like banks or railways. You do not have the pressure of seeking new schools for your wards. The continuity of home-schooling is what makes the education system, the best in town. You needn’t lose academic years just because you get entangled in a traveling job. Or into a transferable job. Your kid can study continually without any interruptions or disruptions, whatsoever. Special circumstances are therefore looked into while pursuing homeschooling.

Better freedom or flexibility for parents and children

Home-schooling ensures better physical, emotional, and mental well-being for children and their respective parents. Parents can study their favorite language. Or get themselves enrolled into an online baking course. This happens simultaneously when your kids are pursuing their studies via home-schooling. Parents may want to travel to another country for leisure or for undertaking work-related assignments. Home-schooling, with web tutors in place, can help your kids even if you are not around. You can carry your desired set of activities at a different place from what is your own. While you attend to your personal or work-related assignments, your kids will be busy pursuing their academics. So, homeschooling gives a better degree of freedom or flexibility to parents and children. You get a win-win situation from this method of schooling.

Focus on life skills

You do not have a stereotyped educational pattern with respect to home-schooling. Some kids can grasp faster with a four-day week over a typical Monday-Friday. This way, you can allow your kids to hone their life skills. These include teaching them how to cook, how to do gardening, or how to save money. They can draw up their own budgeting plans with respect to their spending habits. A non-formal system of education lays more scope for your kids to hone their life skills. After all, everything is not taught at school.

In-expensive form of education

Home-schooling education is relatively more inexpensive as compared to regular schools, colleges, or educational institutions. Economically deprived sections of society benefit a lot with creative home-schooling methods of study.

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