Get Hands-On To Exciting Home-Schooling Habits

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ell, what is your perspective on home-schooling? Homeschooling in India is mushrooming off late. You always had the conviction that students do well in school. But in today’s highly competitive world, students are put into an acute form of peer pressure to get good grades, to simultaneously conquer extra-curricular activities, and so on. It is becoming more of a rat-race now.

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With home-schooling, you can enroll the kids with subject-wise online tutors. These are faculty members who have acquired decades of experience in their area of study.  You also get an upper edge of tutoring your kids on worldly-wise arenas of life. They can take an active interest in pursuing their hobbies or passion too. These are four vital habits every homeschooling mom should can too.

Here they are:

Make it a daily routine

Are we all not aware of this proverb? ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ Do you want your kids to delve in a daily habit of routine? Then you should make these chores a mandatory routine. Household chores, taking care of younger siblings, cooking and dry-cleaning activities form an integral part of their daily mandate.

Home-schooling is not going to be an ordeal, given the fact that kids need not travel far to their schools. All they are going to do is stay at home, read for 3-4 hours, covering various subjects of study. So making devotionals, chores and family meal timings can be accommodated with the schooling pattern.

Create you-me time

Moms of home-schooling kids need to create you-me time seamlessly. Reading aloud is a beautiful way to nurture your children. As parents, you can also imitate their favorite characters to make your kids get engrossed in the area of study. This works like wonder when you are homeschooling young kids.

Reading aloud can enrich your kid’s vocabulary and arouse their curiosity towards visual imagination. A lot of ‘Read Aloud’ Series on fairy tales, science, and fiction are available in the market. You can get these books and start reading aloud with your children. You can see a massive difference in their learning or grasping abilities.

Fine-arts fine-tune their minds

Sowing seeds into your kid’s passion is something that you need to follow-up with. Explore the hidden talents or hobbies of your children. Enrolling them in music, fine-arts, or painting classes can open up their creative bent of mind. After all, academics isn’t the be-all and end-all of life. Kids need exposure to fine-tuning their skills in their day to day life as well. Knitting, painting, cartooning, western dance and cooking are vital hobbies your kids can excel at. This way, they become well-groomed to tackle the finer nuances of life.

Giving life-lessons

You don’t have to quote verses or sermons from the Gita or Ramayana. You can give life-lessons from your own experiences. You can tell your children about the mistakes you had committed in life. How did you get over them? Sharing your past experiences in life can open up their minds to tackling similar life situations. Make sure you understand what you can share and what you cannot!

You can pick up daily moments and help them do the task more easily. When you had a hard time with cooking, you can expose the short-cuts of churning out dishes. This way, your kid learns the art from your own life experiences. Not everything in life can be taught or learned via books.

These are four exciting home-schooling habits for moms out there. Homeschooling in India is catching up at a rapid pace, even among the rich or affluent households. Wish to know how to get started with homeschooling? Check out the blog for more.

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