5 Amazing Ways to Use Fruits and Veggies for Stamping

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We all know the fact that fruits and veggies are good for health, but do you know that these can also be used as stamping tools to create amazing art on paper or fabric. So, let us have a look at a few of the best ways these are used by some amazing artists.

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Potato to Paint Watermelons

Prep Ahead Meals and Premeditated Leftovers shared a tutorial on their blog as to how potatoes can be used as stamps to create watermelons on fabric.

Celery Stamp

You can create an amazing flower on paper or fabric using celery. A detailed tutorial can be found here at Home Made Serenity.

Time to Use Some Cabbage

It would be amazing to see how cabbage has been put to use by www.craftandcreativity.com.

The Leafy Art

Think once again before you throw away those leftover cabbage leaves. Simplesmentefascinante.blogspot.com.br has shown us an amazing way to create packing paper using some green paint and leaves.

Easter Eggs Using Potatoes

You can create amazing Easter eggs by cutting a few patterns on Potatoes and using them for stamping.

Image Credit-https://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2015/03/24/perunapainantakortti

These are just a few of the creations. If you have created one, do share a pic of the same or send us a tutorial so that we can feature that in our blog.

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