Worksheet for -at Family Word Practice

Like I always said, my daughter was a visual learner, and I always relied on flashcards, videos, and colorful worksheets to teach her various topics.

I feel like kids find it fun when they learn through worksheets or activities. And, one such attempt to make learning fun and interesting is making these worksheets.

I have made a few worksheets to teach – at family words to kids of Grade 1. The printable also has a slider and believe me it is really fun. But make sure you print out the slider on a chart paper or glue the printable on one.

Download the free printable to teach -at family words to your kids Here.

Check out the video to have an understanding of what’s included in the printable.

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Lakshmi Archana
Hey there, I hope the blogs and activities I post are to your liking. I am homeschooling my daughter Siri, and I use my blog to share snippets of our everyday life and learning. From homeschooling resources to DIY, fitness to cooking, I share them all here.

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