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The Legend About the Traditional Origami Paper Crane

One of the oldest and a popular origami models, The Origami Paper Crane has a legend not many are aware of. The origami crane is designed after the red-crowned crane of Japan. As per Japanese mythology, the red-crowned crane is also called the “Honorable Lord Crane” as it is believed that it carries the souls to heaven on its wings. The Japanese name of Origami Crane is “Orizuru.”

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As per an ancient Japanese legend, it is believed that people can have their wish granted by the gods when they fold 1000 paper cranes. It is also said that in some cases, they are granted good luck and happiness.  

You might be wondering, why 1000? 

A crane in Japan is said to live for about 1000 years, and this is one of the reasons why you need to fold 1000 cranes to have your wish fulfilled. Also, all the cranes have to be kept intact for your wish to come true. You cannot fold one crane and give it away. That just doesn’t count.

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Most people also say that the popularity of the Origami Paper Crane is due to the popular children’s book named “Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes.” The book was written by Eleanor Coerr and is the story about a Japanese girl named Sadako.

Sadako was just 2 years old and it was the time when an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima during World War II. She suffered from leukemia due to the fall-out from the bomb during the war. She was patient and was determined to fold 1000 paper cranes with the hope that her wish gets granted.

As per her family, she did manage to fold about 1400 cranes, most of which are donated to Pearl Harbour, 9-11 Memorial, and other memorials around the world as a peace symbol. 

Folding an origami paper crane is not difficult at all. You can get started with just a sheet of square paper, and fold a crane in less than 10 minutes.

I have made a step-by-step tutorial on folding an origami paper crane. Check out the video below. 

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