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Interesting tips on how you can homeschool your kids consistently

Are you a home-schooling parent? Those never-ending household chores can keep your pre-occupied forever. You must prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the kitchen. You must rush to the departmental store to get your supplies of groceries. You must make the kid eat or take his/her bath. You have your employer calling you mid-day to attend to important client meetings. So, how can you actually homeschool your kid? As a mom of a 5-year-old myself, I know how hard it gets to, when I must homeschool my kid.

Here are interesting tips on how one can homeschool kids consistently:

Set a time aside for home-schooling

You must set a specific time for home-schooling. Switch off your mobile phones. Switch off screens that show you your social media profiles. Put the laundry work off the shelf. Think of the home-schooling time as a doctor’s appointment. You must invest your time. When you do this, you must pay undivided time and attention on making your kid study. You can set aside a time-frame of 2-3 hours for your kid to cover different subjects.

Prepare a timetable for home-schooling

You cannot afford to let things go off hand. Some parents follow the school curriculum to have various subjects covered. These include English, Math, Science, Social sciences, and language. You may have opted for a regional language like Hindi. Or you may have opted your kid to study French, Spanish or German. Hence, you must cover each subject on an everyday basis. This is where a certain degree of planning is required. Prepare a timetable that covers subjects. You can cover English, Math and Social Science for Monday. You can have Hindi or French class scheduled for Tuesday. You can alternate the subjects for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Else, you can cover a subject each and tutor the kid on each module for 2- 3 hours a day. The choice is absolutely yours. But you need a timetable to stick on to.

For those parents who prefer homeschooling your kids on a homeschooling curriculum can include subjects too. For a more holistic form of study, you can plan outdoor activities too. Say like gardening or taking your son on a supermarket drive. Ask the child specific questions on how billing is done. Or how are shelves stacked with food products or drinks at the aisles. Outdoor activities must replicate a school outdoor activity. You must allow the son/daughter to make observations. You can either form a questionnaire or ask the child to write an essay on the activity performed. You can make learning fun and interesting this way.

Rejoice your baby steps

Encouraging your kid is a very important aspect for all homeschooling moms out there. Hence, you must perform the activity consistently. Have a report card to record baby steps in terms of improvements your kids have made. You can have attractive templates done for recording curricular and extra-curricular activities. You can have templates in a printed form so that the kid and you can have a look at them. Create monthly or bi-monthly test papers so that you can award them with marks or grades. Else, you can wear your creative hat on in terms of judging their academic and non-scholastic performances. Once the kid shows tremendous improvement in doing household chores and complying with academics, take him/her out on a drive or plan an excursion. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Remember, each baby step you take with your kid can land you a step closer to the desired milestone. So, take your efforts consistently.

Keep a tracker on what has been covered

You may perform endless number of tasks in relation to upbringing your children. Be it setting aside hours for their homeschooling activities. Or taking them out on drives. Or pampering them silly. However, you must maintain a tracker to make sure that your efforts are going in the right direction. So, keep a tracker handy. Note down how much home-schooling has been done. Keep a track of education based outdoor visits. Maintain a separate tracker for mentioning hobbies like gardening, stamp collecting, painting and so on. You can take template print outs for each separate activity. Else, you can maintain excel sheets where you put the info into. This tip helps homeschooling parents take their efforts the systematic manner. Although the exercise can be a little time consuming or daunting for most of us, this is an exercise that is highly rewarding indeed. Plus, you have the tool to keep your consistent efforts in place.

Give a day off

Every exercise has a warm-up, followed with the core-work out and a warm-up once again. The first warmup allows the muscles to flex and wake up. The core work out targets the body to exercise vigorously. Why is the last warm up intended for? The body muscles get tired after a rigorous work out. You flex your muscles and allow them to relax during the post work out session.

Similarly, with respect to homeschooling too, you must give breathers or days off. This way, your child rewinds on concepts that have been learnt. You also get some time to prepare a timetable or a tracker for the next upcoming week. This way, you unwind in order to get back on track. During the off days, give the kid the relaxation it needs. You can plan sleepover nights for the kid to stay at a friend’s or at a relative’s place. You can plan week-end getaways. There are endless ways on how you can give the required space to unwind.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, these are 5 stimulating tips on how you can homeschool your children consistently. Yes, you have laundry, cooking chores and what not. But you must take the time out to spend undivided time and attention for your kids. After all, you are investing your time, money, and efforts to ensure a brighter tomorrow for your children. So, you must do so by putting your heart and soul into it. Happy homeschooling! Stay tuned to the site for more interesting updates!


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