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Disney Rapunzel Paper Crown

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair – well, this is the most fascinating line of the entire movie. The movie Rapunzel is amazing and we still follow the Tangled series from time to time. We have watched the Barbie Rapunzel movie, read a few old stories ( different versions of the same tale), the movie Tangled always remains my favorite.

We love Rapunzel, Pascal and of course Cassandra! My daughter was getting bored today and we decided to make a Disney Rapunzel paper crown and add a few jewels to add that extra shimmer.

What do we need

Disney Rapunzel Paper Crown Template ( Click here to download)



How to Make

You need to print the template and cut it as per instructions. There are tabs provided on both sides. Fold those tabs, add glue, and attach the band. That is it, your crown is ready!

We have added a few stones for some extra shine!

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