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Budget Planner 2021

Most of us focus on what our kids need, download various planners to plan our day, but at times leave out one of the most important things – the budget. I realized I was pretty much neglecting to keep a tab on how much I am spending. Things started to go haywire after I started a library as I was just ordering books from almost everywhere.

As I got back to work full-fledged after a very long break, I felt I need to start saving again, and need to know where my hard earned money is going. Though there are a lot of planners, books etc for that, I wanted something more simple, and something that can right away show what I am saving month on month, and my spending as well.

So, I decided to make one myself…and I created a simple excel sheet which will give me an idea on what I am earning, what and where I am spending, and my savings every month.

And, I felt there might be many moms and Mompreneurs like me who might make good use of this. So, just download the excel and let me know if you want me to add anything else to it. I would be glad to do (if I can as I am not an expert with excel myself).

You can add the details every month like your earnings, and the expenditure, and the amount you have saved or remaining shows up automatically. The consolidated amount too can be seen on the first sheet.

This is a very simple, not so fancy sheet which helps you plan your budget. Hope this is of some use to you all.

You can download the Budget Planner HERE.

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